Careers Change Lives Positively

Ever since I was 16, I’ve had a job. I’ve flipped burgers for 6 dollars an hour. I’ve stocked clothing racks at a retail store for 6 dollars an hour. I’ve held jobs in between those that more or less did the same. I waited tables for 2.33 an hour plus tips, and that’s where I decided to draw the line. Working these low wage jobs was no way to make a living. When I was in high school, these jobs were great. They kept me occupied and I made enough money to buy new clothes, hang out with friends, and even pay a little bit of my cell phone bill. Now that I’m out of high school and ready to be on my own, it’s time to look at the next chapter in my life. That chapter is getting an education.

Living paycheck to paycheck is no way to earn a living. It’s stressful, and it’s just not practical. I’ve never wanted to have a life where I would have to worry about how I would pay my rent, pay for food to eat, or pay for bills in order to keep my electricity going. I especially knew that this would not be a feasible way to live when I chose to have a family. I wanted my children to not only never have to worry about money, but to also have parents they are proud of.

So while I’m already thinking about the future, that means it’s time to start thinking about the present by getting an education. I knew that I didn’t just want to go through life with a string of odd jobs. I wanted to go through life with a career. I always knew I wanted something that would be stable, something I could rely on, and something that I could eventually work my way up in the company! One of the best parts about being an adult is having a career, and that’s what I was looking forward to.

In order to have a career though, I knew I had to first attend college. Once you know what you want to do in life, and what you want to major in, it becomes easy and worth it.
College prepares you for a career. They take you through the neccessary steps of learning the general knowledge about whatever career path you may choose. Then they take you out into the real world and you get to have that first hand experience of shadowing someone in your chosen career path, and learning what goes on day in and day out.

These things have all made me excited to obtain a degree. It’s a good feeling to know what I am doing something that not only will I be proud of for years to come, but so will my family. Having a career is essential in having stability in life. They go hand in hand. Therefore, I knew that getting an education and a college degree was the only way to make me truly happy.

How I Plan To Use My Education

There is nothing in this world that helps one quite the same as having a proper education. I started to feel this for myself as I moved from one dead end job to the next. I realized that it was no longer enough to simply have a high school diploma. As hard as I had worked through that education, I knew that I was going to need even more before I could achieve my dreams.

All of this is why I am so pleased to say that I will soon have my degree in hand. It will allow me to get a job that is more suitable for someone to live on. I need a better income than what I was making in the past. I am hopeful that the efforts that I am making at the moment will pay off in a better and growing income for me.

There are a lot of things that I had to learn about in school which may not seem all that relevant to my life at the moment. That being said, I know that these skills and this information will pay off in some way in the future. There are plenty of jobs which require the kind of education that I am currently receiving. This is the though that I put in my mind every time I feel like giving up. There are a number of times that I feel this way, but I know that giving up now would only be doing harm to myself and my future.

Amazingly, there are plenty of jobs that require a college degree today which may not have required this knowledge in the past. Employers are simply asking for more from the people that they are willing to hire than they did in the past. Those of us who are recognizing this are gaining an edge on the rest of the population who are simply not.

I hope that I can put the knowledge that I am gaining to use helping people like myself. I want those who are struggling in the workplace at the moment to gain some hope from my own story. There are answers out there to the problems that you are currently facing. It is entirely possible to pull yourself out of the situation that you have been given in life if you are willing to put in the work. This was the lesson that I had to teach myself in the past.

I believe that we all have the ability to make better choices in our lives. Most of us just need a little motivational push to get to that point. It is my greatest hope that those around me who have seen my success will push themselves a little harder as well to reach the kind of heights that I have made it to. They will be doing themselves a huge service if they do. It is not every day that you can do something to improve your quality of life so greatly.

I Once Was Lost

Before I go into how important I think education is, I would like to say that school may not be for everyone. A person that has undergone a higher education does not necessarily mean that that person will automatically become more successful than someone who has never graduated high school. I personally know numerous people that failed miserably in high school, but became highly successful by working hard and by being persistent. Someone wise once said, “Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.”

I believe education is necessary for any successful person but there are many types of educations. Education through trial and error is just as important, if not more important, than education from reading a book. Not to say that reading a book isn’t beneficial to the reader, but to assume that books are the only way to become intelligent is idiotic. The person that can learn from their mistakes and apply that knowledge to their life will always be wiser and better equipped for the future than a person that depends upon the teaching of others to become successful. However, a wise and patient mentor/teacher who teaches a willing and eager student can develop a relationship that can benefit both of them tremendously in their lives. An experienced teacher can help guide their students to learn quicker and with less effort than a person learning on their own.

College, along with life, is about trying new experiences and finding out more about yourself. From my experiences at college, I learned about what things I liked and disliked, about what things excites me and bores me, but most importantly, I learned about what I am truly passionate about. I found my passion unexpectedly in a class that I had previously considered not even worth taking.

During one of my meetings with my adviser, she convinced me to take a creative writings class as one of my electives. At first, I didn’t want to, thinking that creative writing has no future and that only depressed, suicidal alcoholics wanted to be writers. But she ended up convincing me by saying it was at least an easy “A” if I didn’t get anything else from the class. So, I signed up for it, expecting to go in, write a couple stories and easily pass through one of life’s redundant hoops. But after I wrote my first story, the professor pulled out my story and read it in front of the class. She said that she really liked my writing and that she was looking forward to reading more of my work. That kind of praise can really make someone appreciate themselves and I’m forever grateful she gave me that inspiration. Because, if it wasn’t for that adviser, that professor and that class, I probably wouldn’t have the courage or inspiration to risk everything I have to become a successful writer. So, even though college may not be for everyone, I can truthfully say that if it wasn’t for my experiences at college, I would have never found my passion to become a writer.


Ever since we were kids, my older brother and I always argued about the importance of education. Though I did not clearly understand why I was in school, I believed being in school was the best choice a young person could make. My brother was always against school and the whole concept of education. He had reasons to support his stand and I, having no concrete ones, always almost followed him. All through high school, I have studied hard and passed well. I have no career in mind, maybe from too much negative influence. But being accepted in a university is a joy I do not want to miss. My brother would have quit school long ago had I not explained to him how his education was important to our parents. He claimed that, without education, he would develop a mighty company and mockingly start a school.

I am now out of high school and looking forward to joining campus. Campus fun, campus life and campus education. I admire how I understand education. Apart from the simple assumption that education is the key to life, I have a deeper understanding of education. I see it as the only way to understand others. I see education as the sole way to acquire knowledge. Apart from helping in understanding others, education helps a person understand himself. I see education as, not only the road to massive knowledge but also the way to enlightenment. I view education as the only way man can understand the very purpose of his existence, the causes and essence of life. Although the few times I have tried explaining my views to another person the listener labels me a gibberish speaker, I have held onto my views for a long time. And every time I learn something, no matter how small or how serious, I always look back at what I believe and articulate my views. I try understanding them more.

I love the broad spectrum education covers. Formal and informal education. I cannot help smiling when I see an adult behave well in public. It is in moments as those that I appreciate informal education. I have more respect for formal education. It’s power to give me a job, a career, a salary and finally a good life. I try picturing myself without education and wonder where I would be. Nowhere. I see myself in a cold corner begging for coins and food. If not, I’d be a big quarry smashing the megaliths to make gravel. And it is after such thoughts that I conclude education is the key to a bright future.

I have this picture in my head where I am sitting on a cosy two-seater looking at an audience. I see no face I know and I am saying nothing. I know this day will come. I will sit on that very chair and share my views about education with a million people. I will have been successful because of education.

That day will come.

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